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All Sports Illustrated Number 22 January 24th 1919

All Sports Illustrated Number 22 January 24th 1920

All Sports Illustrated Number 22 January 24th 1920

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All Sports Illustrated Number 22 January 24th 1920

Front cover as above. (Win two pounds a week for life!)

Full page photo spread - Famous trainers and training stables. Mr Richard Marsh at Egerton House

Football chat featuring;
Alec Donaldson (Bolton)
W. Jennings (Bolton)
Three brothers Tonner (Clapton Orient during training)
Diet and fitness
keep calm and collected
the infulence of spectators
James F. Bogardus (A one legged player)
the transfer system
Tom Logan's career

Why two referees? by Sam Hardy

round the world with a cue - 25 years of my billiards life by H. W. Stevenson

Half page cartoon "A re-draw for the English cup" (humorous depiction of the increasing money in the game)

Football clubs and their histories; proud Preston - whether for weal or woe - Preston North End were undoubtedly the pioneers of professionalism (Photograph of J. McCall)

The athletic world J. E. Fowler Dickson - photograph of 10 year olds running

Rugger - all about it - by Fred A. Dartnell photograph between Harlequins and Black Heath

Centre Page photo spread featuring; Prince of Wales with the Norfolk Fox Hounds - Cock of Chelsea heading a ball vs Oldham - plus others

Boxing by the 'Count' - photos of Walter Ross and Robert Dastillon

Peeps at famous racing stables Mr Richard Marsh at Newmarket

Full page photo spread featuring athletics/Horse Racing

100 to 1 by Mat Gould (story)

The perfect gift for the true football fan!
A magazine from their birthday week or month is an ideal and unique birthday present.

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