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Scorcher Issue 57 - 6 February 1971 Full colour photos added.

Scorcher Issue 57 - 6 February 1971

Scorcher Issue 57 - 6 February 1971

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Things changed from this issue with a new printing process adding more vivid colours and the facility to reproduce full colour photographs in the centre pages.

Front Cover: When the Crowd Roared: A great Dane on the pitch
My favourite player (colour photo) : Ron Davies Southampton
My most memorable match (colour photo) : Arsenal v Man Utd 1970
How I Began:Henry Newton Everton
Floodlight On:
Scorcher Team of the Week:Home Farm,Dublin
Short Story: Forward from Rome
Match Day Highlights: Current football stars

Comic Strips:

Billy's Boots:Billy Dane wasn't any good at football until he discovered a pair of old football boots. The football boots had once belonged to "Dead Shot Keen, the old centre forward for England." Wearing the boots gave Billy the ability to play football like the old star.

· Royal's Rangers: the story of Caxford Rangers and their manager, Ben Royal.

· Kangaroo Kid: Redstone Rovers' coach breaks down in the Australian Outback after a summer tour, and they discover a boy with amazing football abilities living wild.

· Bobby of the Blues: Bobby Booth plays for Everpool City, nicknamed "The Blues" because of their colours.

· Byrd of Paradise Hill: Richard Byrd prefers to take up a teaching post at Paradise Hill Secondary Modern School, rather than the offer of a trial for Hampton Orient reserves.

· Lags Eleven: Willie Smith, known to his friends as "Brilliant Genius", was the greatest super-crook in Britain, having been the master-mind behind numerous bank-raids, jewel-robberies and wage-snatches. Unfortunately for him he'd been caught and was doing a ten-year stretch in Bankhurst Prison, where he decides to start a football team as part of a master plan to escape during the first away match.

*Charlie Ironsides :Robot footballer

*Manager Matt

*Spot the star

*The East mound Mob

Besides the comic strips there were other regular features:

· How I Began: each week the story of how a different top star got started in the game.
· Floodlight On: photographs and mini-biography of a different star each week.
· Scorcher Team of the Week: a different schoolboy team featured each week has their team photograph published and wins a Scorcher football.
· Goal Post: Pete, "the office junior", answers readers' letters, and each one published wins £1 for the sender.
· Know-All: Know-All, "Soccer's Mister Big-Head", makes 10 statements about football and the reader has to spot where he goes wrong.
· Challenge Your Chum to quiz football: a quiz for readers to move a ball up and down the printed pitch into the goal by answering football questions.

The perfect gift for the true football fan!
A magazine from their birthday week or month is an ideal and unique birthday present.

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