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Scorcher and SCORE Issue 145- 14 October 1972 ? (The Superstars)

Scorcher and SCORE Issue 144- 7 October 1972 Jimmy Greaves (The Superstars)

Scorcher and SCORE Issue 144- 7 October 1972 Jimmy Greaves (The Superstars)

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Full Colour Comic Strip Front Cover: Jimmy Greaves (The Superstars)

Scorcher and Score continued with the same features as it launched with:
My favourite player (colour photo)
My most memorable match (colour photo)
How I Began
Floodlight on a specific player
Star of the Week
Golden Goals of last season (colour photo)
Scorcher Team of the Week: A school team

Comic Strips:
Jack of United
Lord Rumseys Rovers
Jimmy of City
Billy's Boots
Bobby of the Blues
King of Football:
Lags Eleven
Manager Matt

Besides the comic strips there were other regular features:

· How I Began: each week the story of how a different top star got started in the game.
· Floodlight On: photographs and mini-biography of a different star each week.
· Scorcher Team of the Week: a different schoolboy team featured each week has their team photograph published and wins a Scorcher football.
· Goal Post: Pete, "the office junior", answers readers' letters, and each one published wins £1 for the sender.
· Know-All: Know-All, "Soccer's Mister Big-Head", makes 10 statements about football and the reader has to spot where he goes wrong.

The perfect gift for the true football fan!
A magazine from their birthday week or month is an ideal and unique birthday present.

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