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Action magazine 1963 Set of four

Action magazine 1963 Set of four

Action magazine 1963 Set of four

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Price: 44.95

Bit of a mystery this one-if anyone knows how long it continued or any background please let me know.
Magazine priced 1/-
Seems to be very rare.

(Not to be confused with the later ' Action Soccer'.)

In the John Motson autobiography Motty says his first job in football journalism was writing captions for Action- 'an independent magazine started by freelance journalist Bryan Breed' which suggests that it was published in 1963.
Published by Action Publications of 93 Tabernacle Street, London.

Pocket sized.

It looks to be that you used the photos to collect autographs.

This item includes 5 copies of Action
No. 1 -Long gatefold edition
No. 4 Edited by Bryan Breed
No. 5 Edited by Bryan Breed
No. 6 Cup Special
No. 5 Edited by John Motson

The perfect gift for the true football fan!
A magazine from their birthday week or month is an ideal and unique birthday present.

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