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Worldwide Football Newspaper/Magazine Timeline

Bell's Life in London and Sporting Chronicle was an English weekly sporting paper published as a broadsheet between 1822 and 1886.

"The Athletic News" newspaper was established in Manchester in 1875 as a "weekly journal of amateur sport". On the 22nd August 1900 this weekly newspaper must have noticed the increasing popularity of football as it was renamed Football Chat that only ran till 5 December 1900 (Nos. 26-41).It changed name again to Football Chat and Athletic World on 12 December 1900 and stuck with it until 1907.It then continued in many more incarnations: Athletic World and Football Chat 19 March - 23 April 1907 : Nos. 323-328. Continued as: Football Chat, Cycling and Athletic World-6 August - 31 December 1907. Continued as: Athletic World, Cycling and Football Chat 7 January 1908 - 28 April 1909 : Nos. 366-434.

"Football" which ran from 4 October 1882 till 11 April 1883, ultimately incorporating with Pa Jackson's "Pastime" in 1882.

"La Gazzetta Dello Sport" - a newspaper launched in Italy on the 3rd April 1896 till present.

In 1911 the "Football Players Magazine-Official Journal of the Association Football Players Union" was launched.

In 1912 "Guerin Sportivo" - a magazine was launched in Turin, Italy and is still published today.

On May 30th 1919 "El Grafico" launched in Argentina till present.

"Football Chronicle", which ran from 16 September 1911 till 25 April 1914 and continued after the war from 30 August 1919 till 19 December 1936.

"Football Favourite" ran from 4 September 1920 till 30 April 1921, continued as The "Football and Sports Favourite" 7 May 1921 - 30 March 1929, then "Boys' Football Favourite", ultimately becoming "Boys' Favourite".

"Topical Times" ran from 1919 to 1940.

"kicker Sportmagazin" launched on the 14th July 1920 in Germany till present.

"Football Favourite" (4/9/20-30/4/21) published by Almalgamated Press.

"Sports for Boys" (20/10/20-21/4/21) published by Almalgamated Press.

"The Soccer News" launched in Australia in 1922.

"Sports Budget" (13/1/23-2/3/35) published by Almalgamated Press.

"Die Fussball-Woche" The "Football Week" 24th September 1923 till present.

"A Bola" (The Ball) ran from 1945 till present in Portugal.

The "FA Bulletin" the "Voice of the Football Association" commenced on the 20th September 1946, it changed to the "FA_News" in August 1951 until 1956.It changed again to "FA Today" and finally ceased in October 1979.

Also launching in 1946 was "France Football" till present.

The general newspaper "The Sporting Mirror" launched in October 1947.

A special mention should go to the December 25th 1948 issue of "Sport Weekly" as it featured a full colour team picture of England on the front cover.The first full colour British magazine cover.It was a one off with usually single spot colour, CBFM would be the first to do it every issue.

"Charles Buchans Football Monthly" launched in September 1951 and ran till 1974.

Raich Carters Soccer Star Magazine from 20th September 1952, then "Soccer Star" until 19th June 1970.

"Voetball International" started in 1965 in Holland and continues to this day.

" Jimmy Hill's Football Weekly " from 1967 till 1970.

"Soccer Review", ultimately to become the Football League Review (The Official Journal of the Football League) ran from the beginning of the 1968/69 season until 1976.

"Goal" magazine from 16th August 1968 until June 1974.

"International Football Illustrated" from January 1968 until August 1968.

"Shoot" from August 1969 until June 2008

"Monthly Soccer" from September 1969 until ??

"Revista Placar" launched on March 20th 1970 in Brazil until present.

"World Soccer"" from June 1970 till present.

"Striker" from the 10th of January 1970 until 4th of March 1972

Marshall and Cavendish's "Book of Football" from early 1970 until ??

"Inside Football" which ran from October 1970 until the 26th February 1972 .

"Soccer America Magazine began in the USA in the early 1970's till present.

"Don Balon" was launched in Spain 1975 till present.

"Match" was launched in 1979, which ran until the present day.

"Football Weekly News" from the 22nd August 1979 until June 1981.

"When Saturday Comes" from in 1986 until present.

"The Footballer" started in July 1989 and was sub titled the "Journal of Soccer History and Statistics" and ran until May/June 1996.

"90 minutes" arrived in October 1990 and stopped again on the 17th of May 1997.

"Goalmouth" launched in May 1992 and lasted one season.

"Soccer International" began in Australia in 1993 till present.

"Kick Off" launched in South Africa in 1994 till present.

"Goal Monthly" was a relaunch of the Goal brand in October 1995, which ran until ??

"Four Four Two" from September 1994 till present.

"Total Football" from September 1995 until ??.

"Eleven" from September 2002 until July 2003.

"Football Punk" May 2009 until ?.